2019 Play In

We are joining the worldwide play in this year with our own play in On

March 2, 2019

Join us March 2nd from 1-5 for a joyful celebration of music for the love (and fun) of it.

We'll have hourly sessions with spontaneous and planned groups forming to read whatever strikes you and your friends (new and known). Plans are being made now for sessions reading the Brahms G Major Sextet and, the now traditional Play-In standard the Mendelssohn Octet!

We'll have some coffee, and lots of music, from easy to hard, but all beautiful, all fun and all sure to give you a lift.

There's no required charge for this event, (but we're requesting that you chip in $5-10 to help pay for costs.) ..and if you can bring some cookies or treats, it would certainly be appreciated!

See our Facebook page for updates and news..Kentuckiana ACMP

How the play-In will Work

The Idea of a play-in is simply to get together with fellow musicians and ...play!

In order to make this more enjoyable we will have 3 ways of setting up groups and playing:

  • Spontaneous - just hang out, have a cup of coffee and invite folks to play..whatever music fits..duets, trios, terzetti, quartets or ... whatever. There are a couple of classrooms and a larger hall to play in. The sanctuary is the only room with a piano, so any work with piano will have to be played there.
  • Arranged - when you sign up indicate you'd like to play and I'll try to put you in a group. Contact me, Ed Bridge to discuss or arrange. Of course you are free to plan something in advance and just show up and play! Note that it's likely that sessions with piano may have to be arranged since we have only one piano.

Note that I will be updating the schedule. See the button on the left to view it.

  • Showcase - This is set up for the 4-5 hour and is meant for all participants to get together, talk about future plans, and hear a few groups who have been working on something. There's a link here for a form to let me know about your wish to have your group play in the showcase.

That's about it!

NOTE: There is no food or drink allowed in the Sanctuary as per the request of the church.

Here's the schedule!